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Our Complaint To Internal Affairs - Kentucky State Police

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Our Complaint To Internal Affairs - Kentucky State Police
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U.S.P.S. Delivery Confimation number 03051720000236954050

November Twenty-Two, Two Thousand and Five

Captain Greg Baird

Kentucky State Police

Internal Affairs Section

919 Versailles Road

Frankfort, Kentucky [40601]


Dear Greg Baird,

I finally acquired your name and location, with some difficulty, from the internet. I would like to point out that the "Kentucky State Police" does not provide a formal complaint form, at the present time on the internet, and I wish to ask the reason why?

On November Eighteenth, Two Thousand and Five at the intersection of Cumberland Parkway and 31E, exit number eleven in Glasgow, Kentucky at approxiamately 7:30 p.m. a Kentucky State Trooper vehicle travelled against a red light and almost struck the vehicle I was in, Broadside, in the intersection. This vehicle had absolutely no lights or siren on as it approached and went through the intersection at a high rate of speed. Shortly afterwards it turned on only its lights and pulled over some violator on the otherside of the road for some infraction after putting my life at risk. I wish to point out there are intersection cameras at this location.

Since living in Kentucky I am vastly developing a no fear tolerance to such experiences. I am writing this complaint not for myself but for other people who may encounter similar situations in the future.Your so-called trained personel appear to be improperly trained. Or, perhaps this particular individual has some sort of flawed judgement characteristic and is a danger to society. However, you have been made aware of such information now.

Once you locate this so-called "trooper" I would highly suggest you retrain this individual by placing them in the same exact position that they placed me in. That being a locked in passenger in a vehicle and attempt to broadside them so they can experience the same life threatning situation that I had.

If you have any questions about this incident you need to forward only written questions to my location; otherwise I will not respond to oral questions.

I look forward to your response within thirty days from the date of this letter.



Craig All Rights Reserved

Glasgow, Kentucky [42141]


United States Postal Service Delivery Conformation


December Thirty-First, Two Thousand and Five

Greg Baird, Captain


Internal Affairs

Kentucky State Police (K.S.P.)

919 Versailles Road

Frankfort, Kentucky [40601]


Dear Captain Baird,

This is my timely response to your letter of November Thirty, Two Thousand and Five. Your letter is quite ambiguous in what action you have/are taking regarding this complaint/claim.

I'm not particularly concerned now who was involved in the incident of November Eighteen, Two Thousand and Five; but the incident I now have with you. As I personally witnessed a "traffic stop" shortly after the assault you may wish at some point to provide evidence which supports a legitimate investigation has in fact taken place, such as: all radio logs, video surveillance logs from all K.S.P. vehicles and intersection security cameras, and global positioning locating systems (g.p.s.) on K.S.P. vehicles during the time and location in question. Perhaps because the Kentucky State Police Internal Affairs chooses not to have a standard formal complaint form, as other States do, that you failed to realize that I filed a criminal complaint against a "State Trooper". This was for assaulting me with a deadly weapon and choosing/wanting to endanger the general welfare of the public (wanton endangerment). That being by failing to provide proper warning; through a siren and/or other warning devices (warning lights) in pursuit of an apparent traffic violator at night. Also, is it standard operating procedure to inform a superior that their subordinate is being investigated? This is in light that the superior may somehow be implicated. Unless you can provide evidence to the contrary I claim you are violating your oath to uphold the constitution and notifiying you that it is a crime to obstruct justice. Therefore, I am forced to amend my complaint/claim to include treason, malfeasance, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. You may wish to provide me with your surety/bonding company's name and address who indemnifies you against damages in order to show your good faith. Or, you can provide me with a sworn affidavit, under penalty of perjury, that you personally did in fact conduct a legitimate investigation and provide proof of the logs.

Please be advised I will be posting these letters on the internet for the public to review for my own general welfare. This is whether you respond to me now or not.

You have thirty days to respond. If you need more time contact me in writing only.




Glasgow, Kentucky [42141]


You can in fact check to see that these letters were in fact delivered to the Interanl affairs Captain of the Kentucky State Police in Frankfort Kentucky by copying and pasting the United States Post Office delivery confirmation number into the following hyperlink:
The Postal service then "archives" receipts after sixty days online. A request to the postal service is needed to review again online if this is the case. However, as you can see we have posted the actual postal receipts to show we have sent this correspondence to these "officials" seeking lawful relief.
Though the Kentucky State Police claim they investigated the complaint/claim nothing was ever done about it. Still awaiting evidence from Kentucky State Police to verify their findings/position.




Please notice that the preceeding letters from the Internal Affairs Kentucky State Police are approximately eight months apart. However, they are from two different people but they use exactly the same wording. Which means use form letters and therefore have calus disregard for a people's rights they violate (one who is attempting to lodge a criminal complaint with the Internal Affairs department of the Kentucky State Police).